First Solo Trip/ Thunderstorm

On Wednesday, I took Gecko up the St. Geroge’s River and anchored out in Maple Juice Cove. It was my first time anchoring my boat, and my first big trip out solo. Maple Juice is the perfect cove; it has a shallow muddy bottom, and there are almost no other boats.

Sunset yoga in Maple Juice Cove

I spent one lovely night anchored out under the stars, but the next day a huge weather pattern rolled through.

The heart of the storm approaches Gecko

The weather was brief, but intense. After about an hour of torrential rain, 30 knot winds, and nearby lightning, it blew itself out.

The good news was that Gecko didn’t drag at all!

Click the youtube link below to view my video of the storm and the preparations I made for it:

Gecko Gets Wet!

Hi Friends!

After eight months of overhauling, my boat is ready to cruise the world!

Last May I bought a 27′ Grinde double-ender sloop. I sailed her all summer to get a feel for the changes I wanted to make, and hauled in October. Over the course of the winter I rewired, added new water tanks and re-plumbed everything, stripped out the entire galley and rebuilt it, painted, replaced all the portlights, added a set of spreaders and replaced all standing and running rigging, cut new foam and sewed new cushion covers, and countless other smaller tasks.

My plan is to circumnavigate; Gecko is in Maine right now and I’ll leave to sail south around the end of October. I work as a marine technician on icebreakers in the Antarctic and am usually deployed for at least four or five months out of the year. Between deployments, I’ve been working on my boat to get her bluewater ready.

I go back to work for 6 weeks starting September 18th. When I get back at the end of October, I plan on solo sailing from Maine to North Carolina in one long passage. Until then, I’m exploring around the coast of Maine and tuning up my new rig.