New (temporary) Shipmate!

This week, I installed a furry new little co-pilot.

Shackleton on his princely cockpit throne

Shack took to boat life right away, and claimed the quarterberth as his new domain. I’m only looking after him for a few days, but I considered it a trial run for potentially having my own little nugget.

The cutest boy Gecko has hosted (Sorry humans)

I have been toying with the idea of getting a boat pet for awhile, but having Shackleton has made me realise that it’s not something I’m ready for yet. Not only does it add an extra layer to clearing-in to new countries, but it’s a responsibility that I don’t want to have to think about at this point in time.

Shack singlehandedly taught me how to use my new Monitor windvane

We had a great holiday together, and he was the best little plus one on my last days aboard before I head down to work. I’ll be gone until the end of October, so stand by for pictures of Chile, icebreakers, and Antarctica!

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