20 is the new 10

This past week has been intense! The day I sailed into Long Island Sound, I had 20 knot winds and five foot seas at my back. This met a three knot current being squeezed out of a gap against the wind and the waves. Creating 10 foot breakers that I had to surf through. I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf.  I never thought my first time would be on a sailboat, but I think I’m hooked.


After an exhausting day of sailing and surfing down waves, I found an anchorage and collapsed- the first time I was able to leave the helm all day.


I’m starting to know Gecko on a much more inate level. Not only from weather- in the past week, five of the days have been blowing over 20 knots. I’ve been in thick fog, breakers, pouring rain, picked up moorings in pitch black harbours I’ve never been in, and weathered 30 knot gusts. I’m also learning how to live on my boat, her quirks, her perks, and where the drips originate from.


I experience every emotion throughout every day. Waking up at four in the morning to a freezing  boat is always a push. I have to set my alarm in the quarterberth (I sleep in the V), otherwise I won’t get out of bed. But no matter how cold or tired I am, as soon as the sails go up, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. And that’s what counts.

Leaving my lovely second family in Buzzard’s Bay Photo credit: Karen O



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